Islamic creed (Risalat fi ilm al-tawhid)

An introduction to islamic creed


Arabic and English text covered


Sunni Orthodox Creed


Free options available


12-week course


every Saturday


Classroom Education

Attend classes physically with the teacher.

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Nothing surpasses being in the physical presence of one’s teachers. This is the best method of obtaining the maximum benefit whilst studying and closest to the sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and his companions (may Allah be pleased with them). We encourage the attendance of classes in person whenever possible.

Online Education

Attend classes online for those who are unable to physically attend.

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In a global world full of challenges, we recognise that it is not always possible to physically attend classes. 



Certificates and permission to teach are given after successful examination.

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Our intention for study is only to please Allah, our Creator and Sustainer. We should intend to obtain benefit and to benefit others, to learn and to teach. Our aim is that knowledge is spread throughout our communities by transmission of what we know to others.


This short primer consisting of about 40+ pages deals with the discussion regarding Allah and His attributes and the nature of prophethood. It will be studied in depth over a 12-week period coupled with engaging discussions.

As a response to a request, Imam Ibrahim al-Bajuri outlined the core beliefs of the orthodox Sunni doctrine (aqidah) that must be known by every Muslim.

The free e-book is available here
The hard copy can be purchased here

About the author:

Shaykh al-Islam Burhan al-Din al-Bajuri, who assumed the leadership and Sheikhdom of the Grand al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, and was a prolific writer and a great teacher. He was born 1198 AH / 1784 CE and lived in Giza during the French occupation when Napoleon entered Cairo. In the year 1213 AH / 1799 CE, he returned to Cairo and began studying in Masjid al-Azhar and gained popularity due to his immense knowledge. He began teaching in al-Azhar in Sha’ban of 1216 AH/ 1801 CE and continued teaching until he passed away in Dhul-Hijjah of 1277 AH / 1861 CE.


Introduction to Islamic Creed

Saturdays @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, starting Feb 6th with a Ramadan break 

Class Schedule



Every Saturday 5:30PM UK-time


Class-length 1hr


there will be a break for ramadan

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the course cost ?

We realise that the past year has been difficult for everyone and that’s why the fees have been reduced to the bare minimum with a free option as follows:

Weekly payment: £5
One-off payment: £40

Attending classes free of charge with a donation is also an option for those who are struggling, however, there will be no certificates, permission to teach, or extra support given.

Who will be teaching this course ?

Shaykh Dawood Trevelyan will be teaching this course, insha’Allah.

Where will classes be taking place ?

Classes will be online.

Is the course for males and females ?

Yes. There will be strict guidelines in place prohibiting interaction between the genders.

Will the texts be provided ?

Students will be responsible for the purchase of their own books.

Will recordings be available ?

Yes. Recordings will be available for one week before being deleted.

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