Student Guidelines


  • Students must be of at least 16 years of age.
  • Any more than 3 unauthorised absences in a row will result in the student being removed from the course.
  • Since this is a rental contract, refunds will not be given, this is in accordance with Islamic law.


  • Students are expected to show respect and etiquette towards the teacher and other pupils in accordance with Islamic principles.
  • Appropriate conduct between male and female students according to the Shariah is required inside and outside of the classroom, this means no talking and no looking unless absolutely necessary.
  • Students are expected to be punctual in attendance and should aim to be in class 10 minutes prior to the arrival of the teacher.

Study and Examinations

  • Students are required to read the text before and after the class at least once, this is the minimum amount of preparation.
  • Students will be tested at the beginning of each class to check this. If you don’t do this, you only have yourself to blame.
  • Students are required to prepare properly for the examinations, which will be held twice, one at half-term and one at the end of the year.
  • Each lesson will be recapped at the beginning of class and students will be tested on the previous class.
  • Each exam will count towards the final percentage, the pass threshold is 60%.
  • Students should be properly equipped and take proper notes using pencils, pens, rulers, highlighters, and labels to record the place of the previous class in the text.
  • Students are requested to raise their hand in class to ask a question and not interrupt the teacher or classmates whilst they are speaking.
  • If an issue or point is unclear, it is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher to clarify. Don’t assume that you understand or that you will grasp it later on.
  • Dedication is key! Classes will be delivered in a university lecture format.
  • Students will have one-to-one supervision during the breaks every so often to discuss any queries and attain support throughout the year.
  • Private questions can be asked during the breaks.

Student Tips for Participating in Online Learning

Outside of Class

  • Set up an intentional space where the class is going to happen free of distractions.
  • For the best experience, we advise you to download the Zoom app and use a laptop, PC, or tablet instead of a mobile phone. However, using the Zoom program is not necessary.
  • Be aware that all classes will be recorded and may or may not be used by Marifah Institute in the future in audio or video format.
  • Students joining via a web browser and not the Zoom app must click “join via computer audio” to join the meeting.

During the Class

  • Make sure you’re muted when not talking.
  • Be yourself and respect others.
  • Ask questions using the chat function.
  • Use reactions to engage with your class.
  • Think before you write.
  • Utilise the raise your hand feature if wanting to ask a question live.
  • Don’t be too shy to ask a question or for help, no question is a silly question.
  • Keep your camera on, if possible.

After the Class

  • Revision is key. We advise you to revise the class material within the first 24 hours and then on a weekly basis.
  • Please make an effort to attend every lesson, if for some reason you are unable to, recordings of each lesson will be available for one week only.

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