Reading is a great way to increase your knowledge and will help you with your studies. Try to make time to read daily, here are some of our suggested reading material.

Doctrine (Aqidah)

The Beneficial Message – Definitive Proof In The Study Of Theology

The Creed of Imam Al-Tahawi

A Refined Explanation of The Sanusi Creed The Foundational Proofs

The Attributes of God: Daf’ Shubah Al-Tashbih Bi-Akaff Al-Tanzih

The Devil’s Deceptions (Talbis Iblis): Ibn al-Jawzi

The Divine Reality: God, Islam and The Mirage of Atheism 

Five Proofs of the Existence of God

Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design

Darwin’s Doubt

There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind

How Jesus Became God

Forged: Writing in the Name of God–why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are

The Passion Of The Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View

Introduction to Islamic Creed

Islam Answers Atheism

Return of the God Hypothesis

Spiritual Practice

The Book of Assistance

Al Khulasa, The cream of Remembrance

The Book Of Remembrances [Kitab Al-Adhkar]

Prayers for Forgiveness: Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment Through Sincere Supplication

Fortress of the Muslim: – Invocations from the Qur’an & Sunnah – (Hisnul Muslim)

Al-Ghazali on Disciplining the Soul & on Breaking the Two Desires

Mukhtasar of the Ihya ulum ad-din

The Beginning of Guidance

Jurisprudence (Fiqh)

Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted: Complete Fiqh of Menstruation & Related Issues

Mukhtasar al-Quduri

Nur al-Idah: The Light of Clarification

Al-Hidayah: The Guidance: Volume 1

At-Tashil ad-Daruri of The Masa’il of al-Quduri

How to Perform Hajj and Umrah According to the Four Sunni Schools of Law

Fiqh Al-imam: Key Proofs In Hanafi Fiqh

Ibn Rajab’s Refutation of Those Who Do Not Follow The Four Schools

Financial Transactions in Islamic Jurisprudence: v.1 & 2

Ascent to Felicity


Nukhbat al-Fikar

Prophetic Biography

Revelation: The Story of Muhammad

The Life of Muhammad


How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week

Moonwalking with Einstein


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